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The short story in Quick

1979 Nadine and René  Shepherd's son in Utelle raises Merino goats and sheep
They produce cheese and lamb carcasses.
1992 diversification of the Operation with tourism on the farm; opening of the Auberge farm
Establishment of free-range pig breeding
2000 End of work on the meat cutting and pork processing workshop
and Lamb  
2005 Birth of Gaec Le Mérinos with Amélie daughter 
2007 Establishment of the Cannery; Autoclave 
2010 New Catering Center Buffets and Aperitifs  
2015 Hervé Mari d'Amélie Creates the blacksmithing and cutlery company Rêves et  Matières 
2017  Sale of products at the Panier de la Manda;
Implementation of packaging of vacuum-packed and pre-packaged products
2022 Mathieu son of Amélie and Hervé decides to work on the farm; Apprentice butcher!
2023 opening Bed and breakfast and relaxation area


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